Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay

Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay

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About Me

As part of his job, Berman collects evaluations of patients suffering from muscular loss or weakness in order to develop treatments for these conditions. He helps those who have suffered serious injuries or fractures, the kind that might result in the amputation of limbs. In addition, the organization collaborates with individuals who, as a result of neurological defects, have a need for support services. Berman offers patient education, postoperative care, and follow-up services via Findlay American Prosthetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc., in addition to lower and upper extremity prostheses.

The mission of the company is to assist in the rehabilitation of individuals with severe physical impairments to the highest degree that is achievable. This is accomplished by putting an emphasis on a person's level of functioning, mobility, and dependency. In addition, the company makes efforts to contribute something back to the local community. Since its inception on June 1, 1975, this firm has made efforts, in the form of several activities and resources, to contribute positively to the local community. This involves the dissemination of information and provision of assistance to local schools, medical groups, and physical therapists.

Findlay American Prosthetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of services, some of which include articulated AFO, UCBL, custom orthotic shoe inserts, AFOs, tone-reducing AFOs, upper limb prostheses, harmony VASS, C-leg, and a great deal of other options.

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